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Complicated Asperger syndrome

For those w/ AS complicated by other mental illness. All aspies/autists welcome!

12/1/07 12:40 am - dfasgiles - Welcome, New Members!

If you've been waiting a while for approval, I apologize. I never got notice of your request for membership. I have no idea why. LiveJournal has been pretty good about sending me notices, but, as you know, they go through several and various issues on almost a daily basis.

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3/27/07 04:05 am - dfasgiles - It seems we'll never be accepted

Even when I warn people ahead of time about my disorder and give them a list of ways that it affects me and those around me, as has been recommended by the author of Pretending to Be Normal, and even when the people tell me they understand and thank me for sharing the information with them, I inevitably get ridiculed, bullied, harassed, etc...and eventually thrown out.

My psychiatrist tells me this is the human version of natural selection, except because humans have been taught that it's wrong to kill each other, we instead ostracize each other and isolate each other from the main group by making the ones seen as "weaker" or "unacceptable" so uncomfortable that they don't want to stick around (i.e., a kind of imposed exile, if you will).

This has been my life. I thought, when I left high school, the land of the cruel teenager, it would go away...but I find that, even into adulthood, the cruelty continues.

Such is the joy of life as an Aspie. What have been your experiences?
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